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Stefan „Bon“ Strater – Sänger in AC/DC & Bon Scott Tribute Bands

How do you learn to sing like Bon Scott from AC/DC? The most common answers that can be found on the web are: “Drink a lot of whiskey and smoke like crazy!” and “Either you can do it or not!” Wrong. You can learn it! However, it can’t be learned in only two weeks.

Like many other singers I took voice classes to improve intonation, to strengthen my voice, and to gain height.

By working with Barbara over several years, not only did my voice  improve, but I’m now able to sing songs by AC/DC in the authentic style. 

It takes patience and continuity of effort. Barbara’s instruction helped me create a voice I hadn’t even dreamed of before. Where can you learn to sing rock music like Bon Scott? And to sing without sounding like either a musical or a pop singer? Where else can you learn to sing with distortions and yet talk normally afterwards with ease? 

I think Barbara’s amazing coaching is unique in all the world.

Sinan, Songwriter & Frontmann

I am a professional musician, songwriter, and frontman. Performing three concerts of three hours each in three days is my regular routine.

Before I started my training with Barbara I had continuous problems with hoarseness and vocal fatigue even though I had regular voice lessons with different teachers.

Since I have worked with Barbara my vocal technique has profited largely. I not only have a wider vocal range but have also learned how to optimize my vocal resources by acquiring a real vocal technique.

My hoarseness is totally gone even though I am singing more than ever. All of this is because I learned how to use different registers and vocal colors more consciously, and how to prepare and care for my voice according to Barbara’s advice. She’s the best! 

Carsten Lepper (Musical Actor, leading roles in Westside-Story, Hair, Rebecca, Elisabeth etc.)

Barbara Ganter made me experience with her open and honest way of teaching how wonderful it feels to liberate the voice from burdens of the past. Her work helped me substantially to refresh and renew my voice.


Through her coaching my voice has found its way back to its source and perfect balance.

On stage I do not have to think about any vocal technique. I am able to completely focus on my acting. My instrument works by itsself like a Swiss watch. This is an incredible gift. My voice is technically in a wonderful state. I can use it with ease and express my artistic passion.


During the courses and seminars Barbara Ganter and I have given together it became obvious that she is an excellent voice coach. She has an outstanding knowledge of vocal technique and the ability to transfer her knowledge to her students with ease and clarity.


Voice-coaching with Barbara- be it via skype or in her studio – is an integral part of my life and professional career-planning.

For me Barbara is unique as a voice-coach. She is a true voice and singing-expert.”


Linda Bender "Bender & Schilling"

I profited enourmously from Barbara Ganter´s voice lessons, not only vocally, but my stage presence also improved a lot. I am able to use my voice with more certainty and variety. My speaking voice became stronger since I learned to use it correctly and more economically.


Bongiwe Masuku, Musical-Performer, The Lion King

Barbara helps me to enhance my vocal abilities. By challenging me to explore unknown parts of my voice she continues to strengthen it in regard to my demanding parts on stage.


Noelle Turner, Prof. of Voice, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany

Barbara Ganter is one of very few who has the ability to combine technical facility, artistic expression and direct emotional contact in her singing.

The flexibility of her voice allows her to span the spectrum between pure classical singing, jazz and Musical Theatre. She is truly at home in both styles and performs the various repertoire convincingly.


This carries over into her teaching. While having a deep understanding of the mechanics of the voice, she is able to intuitively activate the natural reflexes of the voice. Her students sing freely and are able to express emotion and dramatic content, and not as an end in itself, which is the true meaning of artistic singing.


Norbert König, ZDF-Sport

If voice is your basic capital, you should take care of it.


If this care is combined with the discovery of singing skills previously unknown, it is even better.


And when this care and training is also great fun, this is the best.



Carol Baggott-Forte, "The Liberated Voice"

It´s rather miraculous. Your voice appears to sing itself, it literally supports itself and the release of air through the tension of pitch and vowel without effort and without excessive use of breath or hard work through muscles that do not belong in the process… You are getting into what Cornelius Reid would have called a “Free Voice.”

You let the voice do what it has to do…. You have to let it go for the ride. It is a hard one this level of expertise. - It´s hard, because the nature of us all is that we want to believe that we are responsible for everything, and therefore we feel totally out of control except that you are letting this movement release itself from your throat- and that is both frightening and satisfying. It could be an extraordinarily humbling experience to discover that lying within you is this great and fantastic potential for these qualities of tone to merely "appear" and take the rest of us on a vocal music journey.. 

We have forgotten these things in the past century - that voices are supposed to take us and our listeners somewhere - that the artist prepares himself to such an extent that while he or she is holding back something, it is the listener who takes in and interprets what it means.. The reason why it is so humbling is because the ego has zero responibility in the game.  It becomes 'selfless'.…

When you eradicate the tendency to go into your own emotions-( greek 'e' = exit, moto = movement )… and you stop responding to your own emotional stimulus and just merely RESPOND with a release of tones, artful singing is the result . Period! 


Rock Frazer "Refiran"

“A free voice.“ If I were to create a list of the most important things I learned about singing in my lessons with Barbara- this would be number 1.

Besides new technical, methodical and dramatic abilities I also learn to trust the natural intelligence of my voice and so improvement also happens outside lesson hours.”


Ulrike Bergmann, Gesangspädagogin

Before I came to Barbara Ganter my voice was in a desperate condition due to unefficient voice-coaching.

She saved my voice through intense work on my registers and restored the ability of my vocal folds to close properly again. For the first time I managed to reach high pitches without effort. Singing became easy. I am now able to enjoy singing in various styles: chanson, Lied, spiritual songs and experimental music. 

Thanks to Barbara I have not only become a professional singer, but also work as voice-coach at a music-school.


Barbara´s teaching method creates optimal conditions for voice and personality of a singer: She conveys sound technical know-how and has the ability to adress individual needs and resources of each student in all possible singing styles, be it classical or pop/rock/musical.


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